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Schunck's Genealogical Web Tree

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This is the genealogical site of our Schunck family.
  • If you are a member of the family or if you should have any other permission to acces the family pyges, you can log in here
  • A short history of the family (to be completed with your help) at the info page
  • The central part of this totally renewed and updated site is the database. But now with improved searching features. No problem to find what you are searching for, I hope.
  • NEW: photograph album. Click on the images for a full-size presentation. Some group images (example) have got "clickable" faces. That's another way to enter the family database.
  • Most of the info "leaves" of this tree you'll find on the Belgian branch and its Dutch side-branch. Mostly they start with an interactive view into the database, allowing you to surf through it.
    Moreover the individual histories of some of my direct ancestors, like the weaver Nikolaus Severin Schunck from Kettenis near Eupen in Belgium, his son Arnold Schunck, who emigrated to Heerlen in the south of the Netherlands and who established a business there, of his son Peter Schunck, who made the Glass Palace of it and of my father, Pierre Schunck, who among other things fought in the Dutch resistance against the Nazis. Hier vind je de geschiedenis van enkele van mijn directe voorouders, bijvoorbeeld de wever

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