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Nikolaus Severin Schunck, Kettenis bei Eupen
Nikolaus Severin Schunck & Maria Katharina Kroppenberg
back parents: Nikolaus Joseph Schunck  X Anna Maria Thissen
Schunck, Severin
(Nikolaus Severin Joseph)
wedding 2: Kroppenberg, Maria Katharina
date birth 1799-07-06 in Kettenis
date death 1865-11-13 in Kettenis
  1. Anna Maria
  2. Maria Gertrudis I
  3. Maria Gertrudis II
  4. Maria Gertrudis III
  5. Nikolaus
  6. Severin Joseph
  7. Wilhelm
  8. Arnold
  9. Ludwig
  10. Maria Louise

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Since a long time Schuncks were weavers. If this was the case in Oppendorf near Cologne too, is hard to say. Nikolaus Joseph Schunck, who died 1776 in Kettenis near Eupen (Belgium), was a weaver for sure. So was his grandson, Nikolaus Severin. He was the last common ancestor of the Dutch and the Belgian Schuncks. He expected his sons to join his shop, but only Severin Joseph did so. The first son, called Nikolaus of course, went to the weaving mill Delius in Aachen, Germany.
Later he and his brothers Wilhelm and Ludwig, and for some time Arnold too, went to Bealistok, in the russian part of Poland. They had been invited to modernise a weaving shop. We have heard that some Schuncks lived there until the end of World War II, but we don┤t have any further information.

Adolf Schunck  X Margaretha Sinsteden
Vincenz Schunck  X Ursula Hameckers
Consta(n?)tin Schunck  X Margaretha Sch÷nen
Schunck, Nikolaus, ? - 17.07.1776  partner:  Schins, Anna Gertrud

  1. Schunck, Nikolaus Joseph, 06.09.1772? - 10.06.1824  partner:  Thissen, Anna Maria
    1. Schunck, Nikolaus Severin  partner:  Kroppenberg, Maria Katharina
      1. Anna Maria Eikenhouten weefgetouw
      2. Maria Gertrud 1
      3. Maria Gertrud 2
      4. Maria Gertrud 3
      5. Nikolaus Joseph
      6. Severin Joseph
      7. Wilhelm Joseph
      8. Johann Arnold partner: Küppers, Anna Maria
      9. Nikolaus Ludwig
      10. Maria Louise
    2. Maria Elisabeth
    3. Johann Peter
    4. Paul
    5. Maria Gertrud
    6. Wilhelm Joseph
    7. Nikolaus Joseph
    8. Christian
  2. Schunck, Johann Peter partner: Thissen, Maria Katharina
  3. Schunck, Anna Barbara partner: Radermacher, Johann
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