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Soon here will appear the genealogical tree of our family Schunck. We need your help for this project. Our family is multilingual: some speak German, others Dutch, and some speak English or maybe also other languages. For this reason this site has to be multilingual too, as well as the feedback forms.
If you should have some information, or if you just want to contact me, please fill in this form and mail it back.

As far as we know, the Schunck family has got its roots in Rhenania in Germany, in the region of Jülich. There they were farmers, who had the right to smoke bacon (Schinken, in the local dialect: Schunck)
You still can find many people called Schunck in Rhenania and in and around Eupen (Belgium) especially in Kettenis. The first ancestor known to me lived there: the weaver Schunck, Nikolaus Severin.
An old "branch" of this tree has taken root at the banks of the Mosel river.
We are told that people called Schunck live in the USA and England, but we don’t have any contacts over there. Who can tell us more about the SHUNK Family in Pennsylvania, whose name also was SCHUNCK, before they left Germany?
Many Schuncks live in Holland, mainly in the province of Limburg (ancestor: German Dutch Arnold Schunck from Kettenis, East-Belgium). He and his son Peter founded the department stores Schunck in Heerlen and the wellknown Glass Palace.
During World War Two Peter's son Pierre was leader of the Resistance group in Valkenburg and participated in its liberation.
As you can see at the Family Members page, there is a Schunck family in Denmark too. Who can tell us, if we have any consanguinity with them?


Menue Help me by sending more information!


First step: collecting information

Of course we would like to tell you more. For instance: are there still Schuncks in Russia? We need the help of anyone who knows or has got anything that could be interesting for this site. Please send me whatever you have got: pictures, family history and stories... But also individual info:

  1. surname: also „maiden“ names
  2. prenames (nickname), e.g.: „Peter Joseph Arnold (Pete)“
  3. date and place of birth
  4. (date and place of death)
  5. (partner, date and place of wedding)
  6. some biographical details
  7. the same about children, parents, family in law, neighbours, pets etc.
You also can announce events: births, deaths, weddings, family meetings of any kind.
Also if you should know any Schunck or people, who could provide us with more information about our family: please contact me!


Where you can send your information
To send all these things and info to me, you have got following options:

  • The best way: e-mail to Of course you also can attach pictures or sounds. The format doesn’t matter.
  • You also can send virus free floppies, if you still have got a dove or diligence to transport them. Then send them to:
    Arnold Schunck
    Hagenfeuer 87
    B-4720 Kelmis

    (“B” means: Belgium)
  • Or call: +32 (87) 658874. You also can send a fax to this number, but then I have to turn my computer on. So call before!

How are we going to process this information?

We intend to present @ this website anything we collect all together concerning the genealogy our family. From the database you can surf through this „genealogical webtree“ and out into the WWW.

That's what the WWW is made for, and that's what we are going to do here: surfing. Anyone, who figures in this database and disposes of a personal web site or e-mail, will get his/her links from here (if desired). Especially, if this should be a genealogical site like this one. This is the way, a kind of family web could be born.