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Dicke Luft

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For about 19 years, the 20 members of the brass band from Cologne have been meeting to rehearsals and stirring appearances on squares and streets, on the stages of festivals and concert-halls, on italian Piazzas, in the Moscow Gorki theater, at a tour through Algeria and the south of France.

This band of a little different kind is also called "The left-wing Egerlanders". They have got spirit, intelligence, dynamics, spontaneity and a variety at musical styles, whose basic elements are folk, rock and jazz but also classical music and "free music".
No matter if they stand, march, or lie, if they improvise or use music-desks, with the "call of clarions and trumpets" Dicke Luft provoques enthusiasm and a gigantic atmosphere. But on the other side, according to their political pretention, they stimulate their audience to reflect and to worry.

"The timbre of this brass pack with tuba bass winds itself through Big-Band-Sound and Brass Band. You won't see every day such unconventional intermezzos like "Tequila" on two full-grown Alpenhorns or a tenor solo in the bath-tub. And the permanent fire of their rhythms keeps Dicke Luft going on." (Kölner Rundschau)

Thomas Jäger
Fürst-Pückler-Str. 82
D 50933 Köln
Phone: +49(0)221-408189
Fax: +49(0)221-97304335

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