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The Bone's Project
Funky Blues with the trumpet player Boney FIELDS

Bone's Project
Trumpet & Vocals Boney FIELDS
Sax Nadège DUMAS
Trombone Pierre CHABRELE
Guitar Hervé SAMB
Drums Raphaël CHASSIN
Keyboards Johan DALGAARD
Sound Stéphane PIGEON


June Blues Festival in Asnières mit Martha HIGH (Choristin von James BROWN)
June MAXWELL Blues Café, Paris
July Blues Festival in Ajaccio with Lucky PETERSON and John MOONEY
Aug Blues Nights in Fresselines
Nov 12 concerts at Jazz Club Lionel Hampton - Hotel Méridien, Paris
Dec MCM Café, Paris
Feb 12 concerts at Jazz Club Lionel Hampton - Hotel Méridien, Paris
April Blues Festival in Sarreguemines, France
April Tabarka Jazz Festival, Tunisia
Nov "Blues sur Seine" Festival, Mantes, France


"Boney FIELDS, a genuine groove machine" (Travel in Blues - Dec 99)

"A powerful discharge of adrenalin .... Heroic !" (Le Républicain Lorrain - Apr 2000)

"Boney FIELDS & The Bone's Project will soon return on parisian stages : a must to see !" (Travel in Blues - Feb 2000)

"Modern Blues with a terrific horn section." (Dernières nouvelles d'Alsace, Apr 2000)

"Boney FIELDS : a frenzy blues funk that distills a continuous non stop groove" (LYLO, Feb 2000)

"See The Bone's Project's live Concert and you will experience a total musical phenomenon. Cohesiveness of the group, powerful arrangements, virtuosity of the soloists, uplifted by the great sense of entertainment of Boney who is a true showman. These are few words to try to describe such a shock" (Travel in Blues - Dec 99)


It has been two years since Boney FIELDS and his band The Bone's Project have been spreading their powerful Blues all over European clubs and international festivals. Three hours of a very "hot" show led by the American trumpet player and singer Boney. Throughout the last decade, he has repeatedly proven to be an outstanding showman and a master in the art of capturing the audience. It's easy to see why this group's amazing energy and charisma is well above the expected level of international professionalism. Two words speak more than a hundred : it's hot!

It starts with a mix of blues coming from the genuine Chicago Blues tradition and then funk that gives you ants in your pants, with a steel groove feel. Match this to the equally innovative rhythm section, and you're headed a very pleasant surprise. You will immediately realize that you have encountered a group with growling efficiency and provocative horns that give off a touch of "Made in Chicago" style, frenzied guitar solos, and superbly executed wild keyboard harmonies ; the Bone's Project is ready to take you to Planet Groove.

From the first note, you are assured that Boney FIELDS is not a beginner. He has been on the cutting edge above the rest in the Funk and Jazz circuit all over the world for the last 20 years.
Born in 1958 on the North side of Chicago, he grew up in a musical family : his grandfather sang the Blues in clubs, and his father and uncle were Gospel guitar players. Equally important to note, his mother was conductor of the town church choir.

He started his carrier in the Chicago professional circuit playing with various local Jazz and Funk Bands. Back then, his main influences in funk were James BROWN & the J.B. Horns, EARTH WIND & FIRE, and Bootsy COLLINS. Louis ARMSTRONG, Miles DAVIS, Clifford BROWN were Boney's prime influences for his deep roots in Jazz.

His first professional U.S. tour came in 1981 with a generous offer from Jimmy JOHNSON. From here his carrier takes off, and he plays for many years with such Blues Legends as Smokey WILSON, Albert COLLINS, Buddy GUY, James COTTON.

It was at this time James COTTON took special note of Boney's ability to write horn arrangements. Boney continues his advancements with Little MILTON, Junior WELLS, and then has recorded a C.D. with Kenny NEAL featuring Maceo PARKER and Fred WESLEY.

Between 1993 and 1999, he was arranger and leader of Lucky PETERSON's Organisation. In 1996, he moved to Paris and joined the late Luther ALLISON, and has also played with Luther's son Bernard ALLISON.

Boney has participated in live and TV shows with Bootsy COLLINS, George CLINTON. More recently, he has been involved in the Reggae circuit with worldwide reknown Alpha BLONDY for international tours, and perform regularly with Gospel singer Liz MAC COMB.

In Paris France, he has chosen his international musicians from The West Indies, Africa, Europe and America to embark on but yet another musical adventure : The Bone's Project. Also important to note is that all of these instrumentalists have played with well known names such as Bernard ALLISON, Rido BAYONNE, Big Joe TURNER, KASSAV, and Salif KEITA.

In 2001, with The Bone's Project in full force, they released their first C.D. titled "Hard Work". This album contains 10 new songs essentially composed by Boney, and an extraordinary guest appearance by Bernard ALLISON and his slide guitar. We personally invite you to a music that without a doubt will charm your ears !


1999 - THE BONE'S PROJECT - Hard Work
DBF productions.


The Bone's Project
10 rue Boieldieu
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